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Steamed Hay

The most exciting product that we have to offer is alfalfa, or grass hay that has been steamed. "Steaming" is a process that takes place at the time of baling. The machine is pulled between the tractor and baler. It holds a good amount of water and has an on board boiler. The water is heated to the point that it turns to steam. The steam is then sent to the baler in strategic locations as required by the baler operator. The steam softens the crop and allows for maximum leaf retention. This process allows us to have a much larger window to bale premium quality hay.

Click here to view the Decker Hay Farm steamer video

Steamed Alfalfa

Steaming alfalfa allows us to produce premium quality alfalfa both day and night, rather than needing to wait until the dew starts to come on in the early morning. Steamed alfalfa is much leafier, the bales are more solid and square, and the consistency of quality is unmatched. The flakes will not fall apart when moved around, and will have much less waste when being fed. Some of our customers have reported cutting back as much as 30% in daily feed volume, which is attributed to less waste.

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Steamed Grass

Steaming grass type crops allows us to make a bale that is no longer "spongy". The flakes will be more consistent and will hold together better. When the bale is cut open, it will not explode open, as often is the case in very dry crop conditions. The bales will also be significantly less dusty when being moved around.

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